To Borrowers

The Elbing Group welcomes its new borrowers

You may have recently received a letter telling you that your mortgage was sold by your bank to Elbing. This is a standard market practice that has already proven itself in tens of thousands of cases. On this page we answer the questions you might have.

Who is my creditor?
Your new creditor is JSC “Ipotechnyj Agent Elbing Stolitsa”. By law mortgage agents have a management company that executes all necessary functions including working with borrowers. In our group, this is Elbing Investments Ltd. Elbing Investments Ltd represents all the interests of the group’s mortgage agents and it is authorized to carry out all necessary actions in connection with your loan. The Elbing Group has been operating successfully in the mortgage and residential real estate market since 2011. We are well known for our open approach to clients. For your convenience, you will not need to visit any branches. All necessary questions can be easily resolved by phone or by e-mail.
What I have to do?
You just have pay according to the existing schedule using the new banking details that you specified in the notification. If you have any questions about the details or schedule contact us.
What should I do if I am in arrears or it is difficult for me to make a monthly payment?
We understand that it is not always easy to make your payments. Our specialists can develop options with you to solve this problem. The most important thing is to inform us immediately. The more time you put it off, the bigger the penalty will be, which may complicate the restructuring.
I already have a ligitation / foreclosure ongoing. What should I do?
JSC “Ipotechnyj Agent Elbing Stolitsa” is the legal successor and will continue all legal procedures. However, we are always interested in an amicable settlement. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us.
I want to repay the loan early/refinance the loan

You can repay the loan ahead of time on the day of your monthly payment. We ask you to inform us about this in 10 working days before this date. If early repayment occurs by refinancing in another bank, then let us know so that we can collect the necessary set of documents for the new lender.

I have other questions
Just inform us by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: +7 495 433 96 97pn weekdays from 10 to 18.00 (Moscow time). Always specify the full name, city and preferably the number of the loan agreement.